1792.009: Anglican Catechism.

Published: 1792

Full Title: The catechism: an instruction to be learned by every person before he or she be brought to be confirmed by the bishop. To which are added several useful prayers, collects, and ejaculations, suited to the capacities of children and beneficial to all Christians. Published for the edification of children of the Church of England in order that they may become, in due time, worthy members of Christ's body.

Author: Church of England.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Nicolson

Description: 16 pgs.; 16 cm. (8vo).


Title lacks printer credit; Evans assigned credit for its publication to Thomas Nicolson based on a newspaper advertisement; typography is consistent with that issued from Nicolson's press; moreover, the release of this title came at about the time of that year's Diocesan convention in Richmond, whose journal Nicolson printed annually for the church.

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