1791.025: Topographical Analysis of the Commonwealth of Virginia (A).

Published: 1791

Full Title: A topographical analysis of the Commonwealth of Virginia, compiled for the years 1790-1. Shewing the extent and relative situation of the several counties; their distance from the seat of government; population, force, county lieutenants, representatives, &c. Also the district, and county courts, the civil list of the commonweath [sic], &c. Carefully collected from public records and other authorities. To be continued annually.

Author: Tatham, William (1752-1819).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Nicolson

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 53 cm. x 62 cm. (broadside).


Imprint reads "Printed by Thomas Nicolson exclusive printer for the author at that place," indicating Nicolson's involvement in Tatham's ongoing, but unrealized publishing ventures. Tatham had been appointed the state geographer in 1789; in September 1790, he proposed publishing a map of the southern United States (see prospectus: 1790.020), but failed to find sufficient subscribers to finish the project. Here Tatham was offering an annual circular letter tabulating the distances over the new roads then being built in the state, as a precursor to a book-length Virginia gazetteer and travelling guide; but this annual was only issued this one time. A lottery was authorized by the Assembly in December 1791 to provide Tatham with financial support for further research, but that too failed to yield any publications. Hummel records a smaller version of this broadside (1791.026) with the same text seen in the header above (apparently omitting the tabulated data) which was likely a solicitation for subscribers to Tatham's circular in subsequent years; but that imprint is now lost.

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