1787.031: Address from an Officer in the late Continental Army.

Published: 1787

Full Title: Address from an officer in the late Continental Army.

Author: Findley, William (1741-1821).

Place Issued: Uncertain

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 8 pgs.; (8vo)


Only surviving copy at the New York Public Library lacks a title page, so lacks printer credit. Evans attributed this title to a Philadelphia press, while Paul Leicester Ford attributed this to a Richmond press in his 1896 bibliography of titles on the ratification of the Constitution. The typography herein is consistent with that seen in contemporaneous printings of Virginia Assembly records, so this title cannot be definitively excluded as a Virginia imprint. Ford also assigned authorial credit for this title to William Findley, a Pennsylvania legislator who opposed ratification of the constitution; this imprint presents twenty-three numbered objections to the centralized power granted to the proposed federal government.

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