1787.029: Various Extracts on the Fœderal Government.

Published: 1787

Full Title: Various extracts on the fœderal government, proposed by the Convention held at Philadelphia.

Author: Coxe, Tench (1755-1824), et al.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: John Dixon

Description: 64 pgs.; 19 cm. (8vo).


Imprint lacks date; attributed here to the Richmond press of John Dixon based on his use of the diphthong "œ" in spelling the word "fœderal" – a feature that was unique to his imprints on the constitutional debate. Contains essays signed "An American Citizen" [Tench Coxe] and "Centinel" [Samuel Bryan], speeches by James Wilson and Benjamin Franklin. a letter from Richard Henry Lee, and the objections of Elbridge Gerry.

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