1779.011: Act for Establishing a Land Office.

Published: 1779

Full Title: [An act for establishing a land office and ascertaining the terms and manner of granting waste and unappropriated lands.]

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Dixon & Nicolson

Description: Unrecorded


No copy known; Gov. Jefferson was requested by the Senate to transmit 100 copies of this act to Virginia's delegates at Congress in Philadelphia (Senate Journal, June 25. 1779). Alexander Purdie died in early April 1779, leaving much of his work for the public incomplete; the General Assembly of May 1779 decided to divide that session's printing between the two Williamsburg printing offices then in operation: that of Purdie's nephews & successors, John Clarkson and Augustine Davis, and that of John Dixon and Thomas Nicolson; the Council of State would also begin a search for a replacement for Purdie in Philadelphia who they hoped would start work in Richmond when the government moved there the following spring.

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