1779.005: View of the Title to Indiana.

Published: 1779

Full Title: View of the title to Indiana, a tract of country on the river Ohio, containing Indian conferences at Johnson-Hall, in May, 1765; the deed of the Six Nations to the proprietors of Indiana; the minutes of the congress at Fort Stanwix, in October and November, 1768; the deed of the Indians, settling the boundary line between the English and Indians lands; and the opinion of counsel on the title of the proprietors of Indiana

Author: Wharton, Samuel (1732-1800) and Edward Bancroft (1744-1821).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Dixon & Nicolson

Description: 8 pgs.


Not to be confused with modern-day Indiana; this was a tract of land along the Ohio in the northwestern part of West Virginia which was granted to Wharton, Bancroft, and others well before the Revolutionary War; tract presents evidence for their primacy over squatters.

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