1777.001: The American Crisis. Number I.

Published: 1777

Full Title: The American Crisis. Number I. By the author of Common Sense.

Author: Paine, Thomas (1737-1809).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Alexander Purdie

Description: 8 pgs. [4 leaves]; 22 cm. (8vo)


Not to be confused with like-named Purdie imprint of a year earlier (1776.004), which was a reprint of a 1775 number of the London-issued political weekly, The Crisis. Only known copy held by John Carter Brown Library; title page lacks printer credit; attributed to Purdie by JCB as result of text therein being "typographically identical with text found in the January 10, 1777, issue" of Purdie's Virginia Gazette. He published the essay in two parts (Jan. 10 &17), both filling the first page and a small part of the second; suggests that a small number of reprints were produced from each of the weekly settings, before those settings were pied, for circulation among non-subscribers to the Gazette, perhaps Virginia's militia regiments. However, the typography in Purdie's Gazette does not match that seen in Shipton & Mooney 43325, which the JCB cites as a reference for this imprint. Essay was also printed in consecutive issues (Jan. 10 &17) of the Dixon & Hunter Gazette.

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