1775.016: Dunmore's Answer to the Joint Address of the Assembly (June 1775).

Published: 1775

Full Title: The governour's answer to the joint address of the Hon. the Council and the House of Burgesses, in consequence of the message which His Excellency left behind him, upon his retreat on board the Fowey man of war.

Author: Dunmore, John Murray, Earl of (1732-1809), governor.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Alexander Purdie

Description: 1 sheet [2 pgs.]; 43 cm. x 25 cm. (fol.).


Dated June 10, 1775. Dunmore fled Williamsburg on the night of June 8th, leaving a message to the Assembly behind, detailing the reasons for his actions; the Assembly asked him to return with their guarantees of protection; but Dunmore indicated that he could not return, despite the assurances, without the dissolution of the Convention militia forces and the restoration of and acquiescence to the authority of the royal government. The Assembly ordered its printer, now Alexander Purdie, to publish Dunmore's letter.

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