1773.012: Letter to the Clergy of Virginia.

Published: 1773

Full Title: To the clergy of Virginia. Gentlemen, At the desire of several of your reverend body, I take the liberty to communicate to you through Mrs. Rind's press, my opinion of the governor's power to exercise ecclesiastical jurisdiction within this colony.

Author: Bland, Richard (1710-76)

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Clementina Rind

Description: 4 pgs. [1 sheet]; (fol.)


Item lacks printer imprint; press established in text; date assigned by Clayton-Torrence. Clementina Rind was in control of her late husband's press office from his death on August 19, 1773 until her death on September 25, 1774, so imprint was issued during that span; Clayton-Torrence suggested a 1773 date as most 1774 imprints concerned the growing political turmoil associated with the Intolerable Acts and the First Continental Congress.

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