1771.010: Virginia Almanack for the year of our Lord God 1772

Published: 1771

Full Title: The Virginia Almanack for the year of Our Lord God, 1772. Being bissextile, or leap year. Wherein are contained the lunations, conjunctions, eclipses, the sun and moon's rising and setting, the rising, setting, and southing, of the heavenly bodies, true places and aspects of the planets, weather, &c. Calculated according to art, and referred to the horizon of 38 degrees north latitude, and a meridian of five hours west from the city of London: fitting Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, &c. -- also for the meridian of mirth and jollity, and may, without any sensible errour, be adapted to the Pericraniums of all those who understand an Ape from an Apple, or a B from a Battledore. Also a Table of Court Days, a List of his Majesty's Council I and the House of Burgesses, the Governours and Visiters of William &: Mary College, Father Abraham's Address to a Number of People assembled at an Auction of Merchant Goods, who complained of the Hardness of the Times; humorous Observations for each Month; a Collection of approved Receipts for the Cure of different Disorders; a method of restoring to life persons thought drowned, or in any other manner suffocated; with infallible remedies for the bite of a mad dog, or any other animal; and a variety of other matter, both useful and entertaining

Author: -----

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Purdie & Dixon

Description: [48 pgs.]; 19 cm. (12mo)


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