1768.022: Virginia Almanack for the year of our Lord, 1769.

Published: 1768

Full Title: The Virginia almanack, and ladies diary, for the year of Our Lord 1769. Being the first after bissextile or leap-year. Containing variety of improving and entertaining particulars, such as enigmas, acrosticks, rebuffes, queries, paradoxes, nosegays of flowers, plates of fruit, mathematical questions, &c. &c. Designed for the instruction, use and diversion of both sexes. Also the rising and setting of the sun: the rising, setting and place of the moon; eclipses, judgment of the weather, length of days and nights; calculated and referred to the horizon of 38 degrees north latitutde, and a meridian of 5 hours west from London: fitting Virginia, Maryland, North-Carolina, &c. Likewise a table of court-days, description of roads, list of the Council and House of Burgesses of Virginia, &c. To be continued annually by Merlin Rhymer, philomath.

Author: Rhymer, Merlin [pseud.].

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Rind

Description: [48 pgs.]; 17.6 cm. x 10.5 cm. (8vo).


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