1767.006: Extract of Address by Arthur Lee.

Published: 1767

Full Title: Extract from an address in the Virginia Gazette, of March 19, 1767.

Author: Lee, Arthur (1740-92).

Place Issued: Uncertain

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 4 pgs.; 17 cm. (fol.)


From an anti-slavery essay written by Lee published in Rind's Virginia Gazette. Likely not a Virginia title but included herein in conformance with unattributed entries in the Clayton-Torrence bibliography (nos. 333 & 334). There are two variants of this imprint, based on typographical differences, although format and font are essentially identical (slight sheet-size variance from trimming). Bristol credited Joseph Crukshank of Philadelphia with one variant (#B2776), but left printer credit for the second unassigned (#B2777) while reporting it as having a Philadelphia origin; the Library of Virginia suggests the second variant is a 1768 Williamsburg imprint as it omits the phrase "By a respectable member of the community" seen in the Bristol/Crukshank variant; the Virginia Historical Society established Lee as author but reported press and place were unknown for the second variant in their collection.

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