1766.001: Virginia Almanack for the year of our Lord God 1766.

Published: 1766

Full Title: The Virginia Almanac, For the Year of our Lord God 1766. Being the Second after Bissextile, or Leap-Year. Wherein are contained, The Lunations, Conjunctions, Eclipses; the Sun and Moon's Rising and Setting, the Rising, setting and Southing of the Heavenly Bodies; Weather; &c. Calculated according to Art; And referred to the Horizon of 38 Degrees North Latitude, and a Meridian of Five Hours West from the City of London, Fitting Virginia, Maryland, North-Carolina, &c. Also a Table of Court-Days; Description of the Roads through the Continent; A List of the Council and House of Burgesses in Virginia, &c. To which is added A Collection of approved Maxims, entertaining Epigrams, curious Anecdotes, diverting Stories &c. &c. c. Calculated for Instruction and Amusement. By Theophilus Wreg, Philom

Author: Grew, Theophilus (d. 1759).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Alexander Purdie and Co.

Description: [24 pgs.]; 16 cm. x 10 cm.


Title page lacks a date, so this item is usually reported as a 1765 imprint, as almanacs were normally produced in the early fall of the year before their date. However, the firm of Alexander Purdie and Co. did not exist before March 1766 when the Williamsburg printing office resumed operation following the Stamp Act boycotts and the death of Joseph Royle in January 1766; the office was dormant from November 1, 1765 until about March 1, 1766. Thus this almanac is likely the first imprint issued from the reorganized Williamsburg press. Grew evidently completed ephemerides for 1760 through 1768 before his death in 1759, as they were part of the almanacs issued for those years by William Hunter and his successors Joseph Royle and Alexander Purdie.

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