1760.003: Letter to the Clergy of Virginia.

Published: 1760

Full Title: A letter to the clergy of Virginia, in which the conduct of the General-Assembly is vindicated, against the reflexions contained in a letter to the Lords of Trade and Plantations, from the Lord-Bishop of London. By Richard Bland, Esq.; one of the representatives in Assembly for the county of Prince-George.

Author: Bland, Richard (1710-76).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Hunter

Description: 24 pgs.; 20 cm.


Bland dated his letter "Jordan's, March 20, 1760," clearly marking this as a 1760 imprint. Yet Bristol reported a 1759 edition (B2012) of this title; thus Shipton & Mooney included Bristol's entry in their compiled bibliography (41024) but suggest that he had assumed a publication date from the trans-Atlantic exchange on the subject of the "Two Penny Acts" during 1759, so creating an entry that is a ghost of this edition. Imprint includes a reprinting of Rev. Thomas Sherlock's A Letter from the Lord-Bishop of London to the Lords of Trade and Plantations, dated June 14, 1759, as a preface.

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