1755.006: The Virginia Almanack for the year of our Lord God 1756.

Published: 1755

Full Title: The Virginia Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God 1756. Being Bissextile, or Leap-Year. Wherein Are Contained, The Lunations, Conjunctions, Eclipses; The Increase, Decrease, and Length of the Days and Nights; The Sun and Moon's Rising and Setting; The Rising, Setting, And Southing Of The Heavenly Bodies; Weather; Court Days; An exact List of the English Navy; A List of the Council, and House of Burgesses of Virginia. A summary of the whole House of Commons. Several Useful Tables; Description of the Roads thro' the Continent, Description of the Road to the Ohio; Poetry; Prudential Advice, &c. &c. Calculated According To Art; And Referred To The Horizon Of 38 Degrees North Latitude, and a Meridian Of Five Hours West from the City of London, Fitting Virginia, Maryland, North-Carolina, &c. By Theophilus Wreg, Philom.

Author: Grew, Theophilus (d. 1759), comp.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Hunter

Description: 16 leaves [32 pgs.]; 15.5 cm. x 10 cm.


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