1753.001: Addenda to the 1752 Revisal of the Laws.

Published: 1753

Full Title: Acts of assembly, now in force, in Virginia. Occasioned by the repeal of sundry acts made in the twenty-second year of his majesty's reign, and in the year of our Lord 1748.

Author: Virginia.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Hunter

Description: 58 pgs.; 35 cm. (fol.)


Imprint found bound with Revisal of the Laws, 1752 (1752.002) or with the session laws of the February 1752 Assembly (1752.004), both published in spring 1752; as a result, this title was reported as a 1752 one by Swem and Clayton-Torrence after referring to a "bound with" copy in the Library of Virginia that lacks its title page. But Sabin noted that Hunter petitioned the Assembly in November 1753 for payment for producing the Addenda, so he decided that it was actually a 1753 title; Sabin's opinion is echoed by Bristol and so by Shipton & Mooney. Hening reported that the Addenda was ordered printed by John Robinson, the Speaker of the House of Burgesses, once news of the repeal of ten acts included in the revisal begun in 1748 was received in Williamsburg in April 1752. Hence, Hunter produced the Addenda after he had completed work on the session laws and the revisal in early summer of 1752, and before the next Assembly session met in November 1753, when he asked to be compensated for the additional work – a span of at least 16 months. Given that the Addenda was bound with one of the two early-1752 legal works, it seems most likely that the Addenda was printed later in 1752, as Swem and Clayton-Torrence asserted. But in the absence of any conclusive evidence for the title's actual production date, this Index registers the Addenda as a 1753 imprint so as to conform to the widely-available cataloguing record of the Early American Imprints series.

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