1743.001: Merchant's Magazine or Factor's Guide.

Published: 1743

Full Title: The Merchant's Magazine; or Factor's Guide. Containing, great variety of plain and easy tables for the speedy casting up of all sorts of merchandize, sold either by number, weight, or measure; and for reducing sterling money into currency at sundry rates; with tables of interest and rebate, and of the value of gold and silver in Virginia: also tables shewing the amount of any quantity of goods at almost any per cent. advance on the prime cost, and for finding the nett duties on tobacco from one pound to fifty thousand pounds. To which is added, some tables of per cents on transfer notes, the whole applied throughout to trade and merchandize.

Author: Biscoe, Robert, d. 1747.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Parks

Description: 276 pgs.; 20 cm. (12mo)


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